Faculty of Pharmacy


Provide academic programs with applied dimensions in different fields of pharmaceutical sciences that serve the needs of the local and regional labor market and contribute to the advancement of scientific research.


  • Developing students' scientific and practical abilities and skills.
  • Enhance students' extracurricular and non-extracurricular skills.
  • To instill and strengthen the ethics of the profession.
  • Keeping pace with the developments in the labor market with the modernization and development of academic programs and its requirements of material, financial and human resources.
  • Direct the scientific research towards national priorities for scientific research.
  • Attract and encourage students to enroll in postgraduate programs.
  • Continuous development of the skills and abilities of the academic and research faculty members.
  • Serving & interaction with the local community.

Core Values

  • Cultural and Social diversity respect
  •  Justice & equal opportunities.
  •  Transparency and credibility.
  •  Scientific honesty.
  •  Maintain confidentiality and privacy.
  •  Teamwork.
  •  Time management.
  •  Empowerment and leadership.